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Welcome to Epiphany Voice & Music, where you'll be able to sing and play "The Easy, Natural Way"                                       
       For those who've always wanted to be a singer, but thought you just weren't "gifted". For everyone who already sings, but thinks it's "Just too hard!". For those who want to learn to play the Guitar and not be totally frustrated. Especially, for those who are just plain scared of being seen and heard musically, in front of others. Now is your time to shine!

                                      Click the links below, to view student performances

 Please search for "Ella by Nancy Martin" on YouTube                                               

  Ella Shreiner: https://youtu.be/NtxYAnPDXCY

 Julia Ventura, national Choral competition 2nd place

 My Student Amanda rehearsing for an audition:
                                  This is Susan Fisher, your Instructor          
Learn how to use your voice with total ease and agility, as you allow yourself to open up and become the singer, and performer you've always dreamed you could be. With the very best techniques available, you’ll be able to perform any genre of music. This includes Solo Performance, Choral, Country, Rock, Folk, Pop, Alternative, Opera, and Originals, as well as every other style of music. Experience how easy it is to use your full potential vocally and musically. 

We also offer lessons for beginning acoustic guitar and finger picking. This is helpful for those who would like to perform songs by accompanying themselves with the guitar. Playing the Guitar helps a lot if you're composing your own songs and would like to play at an "Open Mike" night for fun and a few extra dollars. 
For all vocalists, there is a specialized instructional C.D. that helps train the singer. It has technical advice, as well as vital exercises to strengthen the voice and promote good vocal production. The CD works with breath support, correct placement of the vocal sound, posture, diction, and vocal agility. These are key components for singing with ease. 

Anita Lee Mixson was my first and most influential Instructor/Mentor. Best of all, I've learned tremendously from my own students and their great successes in overcoming all the obstacles every Vocalist and Musician faces. BRAVO  To all of you!
 Learning and Performing
 should be a joy for the Student!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Singing an "Original"

   If you and/or your Children would like to take advantage of Professional, Licensed training, with personalized Instruction, NOW is the time to start! With over 25 years of experience working with brand new Singers, plus those who have already begun singing. Great for small Children ages 4, up to Seniors. There are so many success stories from all my students , who sing for their own enjoyment, or have gone on to have professional careers! 

Other affiliates are, Coast Kids, CYT, Escondido Center for the Performing Arts, Fairbanks Ranch Center for The Performing Arts, Star Theater, Moonlight Theatre, J Company, and Public/Private Schools throughout the North County San Diego area. 

I've sung and taught ALL genres of Music, which has made it possible to teach others who play and/or sing diverse styles. Join us in the joys of singing, composing, and performing!                                             


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